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Foundations I Honors Ideas for CAPT Essays

Still not sure what to write about?  Here are some questions that will peak your imagination and, hopefully, your interest.

Textual Structures and Features:  

     What are the structures and features of the text?  

What sort of genre does the text belong to?  How do you know?  

What do the words and images suggest to you?  

What kind of diction is used in the text?

Construction of Characters:

How are the children, teenagers, or young adults constructed in this text?

How are the adults constructed?

Why has the composer of the text represented the characters in this way?

Are the characters round or flat?  Why?

How do we learn about the characters?  By what they say? Do? Act?  What others say about them? 

Gaps and Silences:

Who or what is missing from the text?

Is there a scene or character that has been purposely left out?  If so, why? 

Are there silences in the text?  Do characters refrain from saying something important?

Power and Interest:

Which positions, voices, and interests are at play in the text?

How is the reader viewed in relation to the writer/narrator?

How does the text depict age, gender, or cultural groups?

Whose views are excluded or privileged in the text?

Who is quoted?  Who is ignored?  Why?

Whose Reality?

What view of the world is the text presenting?

What is "real" in the text?  (Think Montressor)

How would the text be different if it were told in a different time, place, or culture?

Multiple Meanings/Ambiguity:

What different interpretations of the text are possible?

How else could the text have been written?  (Structure?  Point of View?  Setting?  Conflict?) 

  What alternative ending would you have substituted?