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This site is for  the students of Patti Lee-Muratori at New Fairfield High School.  Parents are also welcome.

Humanities 2018-19:  UConn Early College Experience.  For $160.00 you earn 4 credits (via a UConn transcript), which are transferable to most universities.  In order to get these credits, you must pass the class with a C+ average (minimum)  and demonstrate 30 pages of UConn's defined "polished prose" in line with the University of Connecticut's First Year Writing Program requirements.  See Ms. Mackenzie (ECE site coordinator) and Guidance for details and forms. Registration begins May 15, 2018 and the deadline for sign up for university credit is June 1, 2018. If you change  your mind over the summer, you will need to fill out an official Add/Drop form.  U.Conn will bill you at your active e-mail address.  Details about registration are available at   Summer Assignment  HERE