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About Me


     I've been teaching at New Fairfield High School for twenty-two of my twenty-four years in education. My classes include: Humanities, AP Literature, Foundations I Honors, Foundations I College Prep, Foundations II Honors, Foundations II College Prep, American Poetry, Creative Drama, and Theater Workshop.  My teaching background is nontraditional, as I come from the professional acting/directing/writing fields.  I started acting in New York City at the age of fourteen through television commercials.  I then moved on to film, television, and theater off Broadway and in Los Angeles.  I have acted in approximately fifteen films, twenty television series, and fifty television commercials.  I'm still a proud SAG/AFTRA and Equity member.

     When acting became a little repetitive and predictable, I wrote a screenplay with a partner, sold it, and went to work as a writer for Disney in Burbank, California.  I also directed and produced plays in Hollywood.  After the death of a loved one, I settled back on the east coast and upon the advice of a friend, decided to give teaching a try.  Entering a classroom for the first time gave me an instant feeling of connection, and I've never regretted the career change. Teaching is a lot like acting anyway.  It is very "in the moment" and rewarding, but occasionally you get a rotten tomato tossed your way metaphorically speaking.  

     My education includes two BA's (Theater and English) from the University of Connecticut, an MFA from Yale and UCLA (Theater), and an MA (Literature) from WCSU. I have recently completed my PhD program at NYU in English Literature.  When not studying, correcting, researching, or lesson planning, I love to ballroom dance and, of course, shop for shoes.