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Films about South Africa to inform Disgrace Discussion


     Many of you did a unit on South Africa for Mr. Welter in 9th grade.  Those who didnÕt have him may have read about the history of South Africa via newspapers, television, or novels like Heart of Darkness. In the event that you arenÕt well informed through social studies, novels, contemporary news, or film, here are lists of films to help you catch up.  Unfortunately, we donÕt have a film study class in school, but try a few on your own and see what you think.  Your recommendations and responses would be appreciated.  It goes without saying that knowing something of the history of the apartheid history of South Africa will inform your reading of Disgrace.  Well, now IÕve said it, so no excuses.

(Thanks Matt Brown)

                                                  Rape in Disgrace


ÒCorrective RapeÓ for Lesbians:,8599,2057744,00.html


                                             Rape Statistics in South Africa: