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Foundations I Honors Welcome!


Course overview:

           Foundations I Honors is designed to provide each student with detailed exposure to the major literary genres of drama, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  The student will study classical, traditional, and modern literature, which conveys the greatness of our heritage by covering a wide span of times and places while offering insights into the human condition.  Writing for this course will include argumentative, descriptive, explanatory, narrative, and analytical essays, as well as poetic and creative writing assignments.  A research paper is assigned to aid students in producing a self-generated, inquiry-based research paper using appropriate, authoritative research through instruction of technological literacy. Most of these assignments are taught in a "Writers' Workshop" setting, which involves interactive teacher modeling, technical and mechanical "mini lessons," and one-to-one writing conferences.  Additional writing conferences are offered after school and during the teacher's preps upon appointment.  Study skills, metacognition, reading comprehension strategies, and vocabulary and grammar appropriate to the level of the student will be emphasized.  Speaking, listening, and viewing skills will be developed and sharpened by numerous activities including formal debate, oral presentations, round table discussions, small and large group work, acting, and role-play.  Additionally, independent reading is required every quarter in order to encourage all students to become lifelong readers and learners. Creative assessments on this independent reading, which offer student choice are listed on the website here:

 Grading criteria:

     Grades are averaged in the following manner:

           Summative Assessments:  Tests, Full Process Writings, PBLA’s, and Projects:                                                   60%

           Formative Assessments: Short, reflective writings, DIRT (Did I Read This?) quizzes, class preparation etc:     30%

           Final Exam:                      10%

Make-up work:

      Homework especially reading at home is an important and necessary part of your learning experience and enables students to participate more fully in class activities.  All assignments are expected on their due date.  Small daily homework assignments (vocabulary quizzes, DIRT quizzes, outlines of reading assignments, notes, etc.) are able to be made up only if the student has an excused absence.  These assignments will then be made up in a timely fashion (=immediately) in order to allow other students to benefit from immediate feedback.  Papers, projects, and other major assignments will be accepted late only under certain emergency circumstances. Please see the Make-up Policy section of your “Student Handbook” for more specific detail.

 Expectations of an active learner:

  An active learner

  • attends every class and on time
  • comes prepared daily with all required materials
  • takes class notes
  • participates in class discussions
  • seeks extra help when necessary
  • uses the ten-minute break appropriately to take care of personal needs
  • adheres to the make-up policy