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Primary Educational Resource for Humanities, Foundations I Honors, Creative Drama, and Theater Workshop

Humanities Literature:


Required materials and Course Literature:

 Auburn, David.  Proof.

Becket, Samuel.  Waiting for Godot

Coetzee, J.M.  Disgrace

Etcoff, Nancy.  Survival of the Prettiest

Gaarder, Jostein.  Sophie's World.

Harrison, Katherine. Exposure

Joyce, James. Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man                       

Mamet, David.  Oleanna                                                           

Nabokov, Vladimir.  Lolita

Rag and Bone Poetry Anthology 

Russell, Bertrand. History of Western Philosophy 

Shakespeare, William.   Richard III          

 Notebook:  A three ring binder is strongly suggested

A wire-bound separate notebook for the Summer Reading Packet (to be handed in on the first day of class)

Writing Implement