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Unit 1:  What is Truth?   Interdisciplinary Connections Provided by the Class of 2010

Egyptian Art:

Egyptian Art PowerPoint: Egyptian Art.ppt 


Photography Powerpoint: Truth- Documentary Photography.ppt 


Metis Link:   (panorama of archaeological sites in ancient greece - pan around for really interesting views) 


Benson, Arthur Christopher.  "Realism." 

Chaucer, Geoffrey.  "Gentilesse."

Dickinson, Emily.  "Tell All Truth but Tell it Slant." the

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. "Constantly Risking Absurdity."

Frost, Robert.  "Home Burial."

Keats, John.   "Ode On a Grecian Urn."

Whitman, Walt.  "All is Truth." 


Quotes organized by subject and author (for hooks, class discussion, debates, or Socratic Seminar reference): 


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