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RTI/SRBI Interventions or "Things I Do to Help Students Succeed":


The following checklist comes right from a form that I hand out in class.  If you (or your child) is not satisfied with your (his/her grade), please check what strategies are already in place for ensured success.

Name: ______________________________      Class:  ___________________________


Did you take advantage of the following opportunities to improve your grade?






Will you do this in future?






Did you attend a one-on-one writing conferences after school







Did you attend a one-on-one writing conferences in school during my Prep or Writing Lab duty?






Did you look at on-line writing aids at






Did you look at the “Good Writing Rubric” on line at or at the Smarter Balanced Rubric at 





Did you take an active part during in-class Writers' Workshop?





Did you conference with the teacher during Writers' Workshop?










Did you practice any of the metacognitive strategies wediscussed in class?






Did you ask for any reading help in class?  In Tutorial?  After school?






Did you do your best during NWEA testing so that Mrs. Muratori has the most up-to-date and authentic data on your reading abilities?











Did you write down your daily homework objective from the board into your passbook?






Did you ask questions about the format/structure/topic of your homework for whatever unit you are doing? 









Did you check your “How to Do Homework” Rubric?






Did you Check “How to Do Homework On-line at






Did you check the weekly homework page at





Did you check the monthly calendar for due dates and vocab quizzes at






Did you study your vocab for your weekly quizzes?












Did you plan out your study/reading/writing for the week using a school planner?






Did you procrastinate on a writing assignment or long-term projects?






Do you go over every rubric and/or PBLA sheet for the expectations for each project/assignment before you start?

Do you keep it next to you as you work on completion of the assignment to check that you are covering all the graded aspect of the assessment? 






Do you fill out the “Self Reflection” section of the PBLA form where it asks you to?





If you need help, do you e-mail Mrs. Muratori at the address she is most likely to be at (ex:  not at school on a weekend)?





Have you visited the “Meltdown Manifesto” site when you were feeling overwhelmed?





  Print out this form, fill it out honestly, and make an appointment with Mrs. Muratori to make an action plan to ensure your greater success.