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Interdisciplinary Sites for Units 3-4 Knowledge and Truth


Truth Sites:

Topic:  Philosophy and Key Terms 

Introductory Philosophy Information and Definitions:


  Topic: Art

Egyptian Art Powerpoint:  Egyptian Art.ppt 

 Wide Open Doors Site): http://www.wideopendoor

Topic:  Photography/Photodocumentary

Photography Powerpoint: Truth- Documentary Photography.ppt T

Topic:  Dorothea Lange, Photodocumentary 

Topic:  Gordon Parks, Photodocumentary 

Topic:  Walker Evans, Photodocumentary 

  Knowledge Sites:

  Topic: Problem-Solving

Mr. Rodier's Problem-Solving From an Engineer's Perspective PowerPoint: Final Engineering Powerpoint.ppt 

Ms. Dani Capalbo's Problem-solving from an Investigative Reporter's Perspective

Topic:  Brain Research:

History of Neuroscience Research: 

PBS 3-D Brain "Tour":

PBS Mind Illusions (Perception):

Literature on Brain Research:

Classroom applications:

Articles and News about Brain Research: 

Interactive Atlas:  

Interactive Tour of the Brain:  

Whole Brain Atlas (Harvard Medical School): 

Topic:  Einstein:


Einstein's Relativity:

Topic:  Heisenberg and Quantum

Heisenberg and Quantum:


Topic:  IQ History and Measurements: (mensa test:

Topic:  Proof:  Madness and High ("Genius" ) IQ:

Daily Mail Article:

Psychology Today:  

  Topic:  Brain Research

Brain Research:

Brain Research History: 

Brains "Inside" Hands On: 

Topic:  Humanities at Work

Humanities in the World (Civic Responsibility):

Topic:  Kaku (Time Travel and Parallel Universes)

Time and Time Travel: 

Time Travel, Parallel Universes and Reality:

Topic:  Perception

Perception (Changing Perceptions):

“Perception:  The Reality Beyond Matter”

Perception, Psychology, and Mathematics (and animation): 

“The External World” is Inside the Brain:

“It Is A Scientific Fact that the World Comes Into Existence In our   Brains”

“UCSD Study Shows How We Percieve World Depends On Precise Division of Labor Among Cells in Brain” 

  Topic:  Mirror Neurons and Empathy 

Topic:  Reality


Topic:  Truth 

"Closer to the Truth, an Interdisciplinary Approach": 

Etymology, History, and Theories of Truth:

Lecture Part One (Validating a Proposition): 

Lecture Part Two (Probability and Possibility)