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Humanities                      Independent Study Truth Unit                             Dr. P. Lee-Muratori


Answer the following NOT in the space provided.  This is a way of brainstorming your way into a final unit of study that will be meaningful for you.  Have questions, contact me for help

with every stage from brainstorming to final presentations.



1.  What aspect of Truth are you interesting in exploring for your independent study?



2.  Why?



3.  What is a question that you have about the topic?  (You may have more than one.  If so, list them.  You can pick the most interesting one later)



4.  Now turn the question into a statement that you think might be provable through research, reading, social experiments, personal reflection, and/or any other means of learning.  )This is just your starting thesis.  You can change it to your hearts’ content.)



5.  Common Core State Standards addressed in independent study:




6.  Why have you chosen these standards?  Do you have limited experience with them or have you not exceeded expectations in them (gradewise or gutwise)?




 7.  Have you already demonstrated proficiency in these standards?  If so, how will your study this quarter augment your knowledge base?




 8.  List any materials or resources you will use for your study.




 9.  Outline your study schedule with as much detail as you are able to provide.



10.  How are you planning to demonstrate the learning you have mastered?  Be specific.  For example, “an oral presentation” means nothing.  What will you do?  How will your learning be demonstrated for assessment?   Please remember that there will be only one test grade for 4th quarter.  If you care about a grade, you need to be specific about how yours will be derived.  



11.  Please attach a rubric that identifies how your grade will be assessed if that is appropriate for your individualized project.  If not, create a tool for assessment that is appropriate.